Dear Friends,

We've come a long way since we committed our hearts and minds to keeping my father's work alive, and to disseminating his wealth of knowledge, his wisdom and his literary masterpieces, with the same fervor, courage and passion as he displayed during a life long career.


This is just the beginning of a new life for his work and for the principles he championed: the courage to tell the truth in any circumstances and be truly free solely through education and culture. 


We're embarking on this journey as a community, diverse in thought and united in creed, as my father himself envisioned, because he spent his life dedicating his work to the service of intercultural dialogue through the Romanian Cultural Institute, Cultura Journal, his novels and his editorial work. 


He's been the voice of a generation muted by the reign of fear, an experience which he himself lived through, but he also taught us how to defeat it, by always cultivating an open mind and keeping an open heart.


He was blessed with the talent to put into words what the powerless could not. The characters of his novels give a voice both to the intellectually mutilated strata, deprived of the right to consume or share knowledge, and equally to the peasant going through the drama of having to give up land and identity in the name of an abusive regime.


We will continue his efforts and we are committed to contribute to the advancement of the arts, sciences and education, by engaging in intercultural dialogue, and by seeking out innovative strategies to interpret his work in a contemporary context. 


Stay tuned for more details about our programs and how you can get involved. 


Exciting times lie ahead and we hope you'll join us in this new adventure. 



Anamaria Maior Buzura

Founder and President 

Buzura Foundation and Daughter of Augustin Buzura

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Buzura Foundation supports and promotes Romanian and universal culture, art and civilization, aims to be an active factor in civil society by supporting the process of integration and cultural affirmation by offering practical solutions in the field of art, culture, science and education.


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