Values,Perceptions and Representations of the Population of Romania and the United States of America

The Institute for Political Sciences and International Relationships “Ion I. C. Brătianu” of the Romanian Academy and the Laboratory of Information Warfare Analysis and Strategic Communication (LARICS), under the patronage of the Romanian Academy, have presented a sociological study based on two surveys simultaneously done on the Romanian and American societies.

The study “Values, perceptions and representations of the population of Romania and the United States of America”, commissioned by LARICS, represents a scientific contribution that has the potential to help strengthen the strategic partnership between Romania and the United States of America, by providing a comparative and an in-depth knowledge of the two societies. The study reveals the values, attitudes, states of mind of the two societies in 2018 and their particularities.

This article originally appeared in Cultura Journal No. 595 English version. Read article...

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