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For over five decades, Augustin Buzura himself has demonstrated an abiding commitment to the humanities and the arts. As a novelist, journalist, screenwriter and founder of the Romanian Cultural Foundation, Augustin Buzura’s name is the essence of the Buzura brand. His interests were diverse – from being the voice and advocate for free speech - through his novels, films and journalistic work - of a silenced generation during an oppressive regime - to opening up and spreading Romanian and universal values to the world. Through his groundbreaking collaborations with academic institutions, The Smithsonian and the Library of Congress he has paved the way for future generations to a take advantage of his life long work. Our steadfastness of purpose has always been balanced with flexibility of approach. Through a six month strategic planning process, the Foundation has clarified the vision that in the coming years will guide our support of humanistic scholarship, liberal arts and doctoral education, and the performing and visual arts with a focus on innovation.


We’re envisioning the launch of Buzura Foundation in the United States by kick­starting and establishing:

1.    Buzura Foundation United States Community

2.    Knowledgemaker Map – comprehensive research on the networks of artists, scientists, educators, innovators and donor and interaction between them to identify the “knowledgemaker” profile

3.   Fellowship Program in partnership with higher education and cultural institutions



Over the course of 18 months we’re aiming to set-up the US office of the Foundation and kick-start the mapping process of knowledgemakers (business, media, policy and community) in the United States and have a clear understanding of the resources they are able to provide and level of commitment and fit to the Foundation’s vision. These first 18 months will help us explore the potential of establishing a full scale Buzura Foundation office that would then start electing Fellows and supporting them through the comprehensive fellowship programs in partnership with higher education and cultural institutions.



With support from partners interested in fostering a knowledgemaking culture in the United States and beyond. We’ll work together with academia, industry and business to find the most innovative solutions through art and culture, education, democracy and leadership and medicine to establish and grow the Buzura brand in the United States. Building on Augustin Buzura’s legacy, as a trailblazer in cross-cultural collaboration, we aim to build and enhance his work and harness the power of collaboration through the use of art and culture as a vehicle for change. We’ll engage in partnerships in the region and beyond to shape a new perspective on how arts and culture can be a catalyst for knowledgemaking.

Together with our local partners we’ll engage media and organize events to bring inspiration and encourage local actors to replicate international proven solutions and develop new ones. Simultaneously, we’ll engage with the local community to enhance the profile building of the Foundation through roundtables, speeches, story-time events at events in Washington DC.



The financial support of the launch partners will accelerate Buzura Foundation’s progress in the United States and position the partner as an engine of innovation and change. It will facilitate the transfer of knowledge to support an ecosystem for knowledgemakers in the United States while offering prime­time visibility and brand recognition for the partner.

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Buzura Foundation supports and promotes Romanian and universal culture, art and civilization, aims to be an active factor in civil society by supporting the process of integration and cultural affirmation by offering practical solutions in the field of art, culture, science and education.


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